Can the sun heal eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that causes the skin to develop a scaly rash that often becomes sore for sufferers. It also commonly itches and causes people to scratch furiously just to try to relieve the symptoms, unfortunately this often makes matters worse.

So what can you do to improve your eczema? Well there are many different things, there are:

And many many more, quite a popular treatment these days is UVB treatment, how exactly does this work? Well UVB light is part of the suns natural spectrum and it has been proven to have noticeable effects upon the skin of eczema sufferers.

But why would you go to the hospital to have this treatment if you can do it in your backyard? UVB light is naturally occurring, so if you lie out in the sun will it heal your eczema? In other words, can the sun heal eczema?

Well it depends what you mean by heal, it cannot cure it. There are no known cures for eczema currently in existence, however there are things that make it better. The sun can only be considered as a treatment for eczema, all be it a very good one.

Basically most forms of eczema are where the body produces new skin cells too quickly, and so going out in the sun will hopefully burn this extra skin off and improve the look of your skin.

I myself have eczema and find that it is much better in the summer, and I do love the excuse of lying outside in the sun! Everyone else is told that itís dangerous for them, but the doctor actually tells me to lie outside!

I do have some problems when using the sun to treat my eczema. I tan quite quickly when I am out in the sun, so I will build up a tan very quickly. However the areas that had eczema rarely tan. I think that this is due to the sun working at burning off the eczema scales while it is tanning the other areas of skin. And so it is impossible to get an all over tan.

My skin is smooth, however it is very patchy and it still doesnít look right. I have tried using fake tan and numerous other things to sort this out to no avail.

So the sun may not get rid of the problem completely but it does make it a hell of a lot more comfortable. It is however frustrating because in winter I cannot wear jeans because itís too cold and my skin is too sore! But when it comes to summer I can wear them because my skin is better, but itís too hot to wear the damn things!

I have also found out that it doesnít really matter how hot it is, if you go out without things covering your arms, even in winter you will no doubt notice a vast improvement. I like doing this because it helps clear it up for summer, and then I can get that all over tan! My legs are bad in winter because they remain covered up.

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