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Infants eczema is a resource for quality, factual information about baby and infant eczema, how to deal with eczema and what products to use to avoid irritating the infants skin. Eczema is a term used to describe a wide range of different skin problems that trouble people throughout their lives, from babys, infants to fully grown adults.

The information provided on this site has been researched by an eczema sufferer who has had the condition from a young infant and still has it now during his adulthood. Throughout this time he has separated the facts and from the fiction, how to calm the itching and what products won't irritate it. He now wishes to share this information via this website. Enjoy, and stop the condition before it spirals out of control...

Eczema is a variety of skin problems that occur throughout infancy. There are a few various kinds of eczema, the most widespread being "Atopic"  which is mainly suffered by babies and children.

Light Eczema Rash
A picture of atopic eczema

Eczema symptoms can affect infants in various ways, from the slight redness of the skin to relentless itching.

Eczema tends to be dry thus reducing the protective nature of the infants skin causing it to be less effective at protecting from fluid loss, heat, cold and bacterial infection. Thatís why itís essential you make a good effort to continually moisturize your infantís skin.

The redness of the eczema can fluctuate during the year it is made worse by scratching. Most forms of eczema itch differing from mild itching to a constant distressing itching.

Severe EcZema
A picture of severe eczema

With severe eczema (pictured above), caused by lengthy eczema scratching, the skin's protective character is reduced and it becomes wet. Wet eczema is more likely to become infected therefore itís important to treat it.


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