Child eczema

Itís unclear exactly why some children get eczema while others donít. Some children seem to be born with a natural tendency to develop eczema where as others to do not. Although eczema is not abnormal, we will consider those people that do not suffer from eczema to be normal (just for ease of use!)



If you or your partner suffer from eczema then your baby is much more likely to suffer from eczema, itís at an increased risk if anybody suffers from eczema in your family. Especially if they are close relatives such as parents or grand parents.



Eczema is commonly found in patients that also suffer from hay fever or asthma, in fact the two conditions seem to be linked together some how. Lots of children that suffer from eczema also suffer from hay fever or asthma, even some people have all three. This is just really unlucky!



As a result of eczema they may have problems breathing and become wheezy, this can be very disturbing especially for new parents. Many people experience itching in the throat and nasal passages that is very irritating, and the hay fever can cause the nose to become blocked causing yet more discomfort for the poor child!



Eczema is often predictable, it likes to exist in certain places on the body, it likes to live in skin creases for some reason. Perhaps this is due to the increased friction at these points. This includes behind the knees and the elbows. Eczema can however affect anywhere on your childís body. Child eczema is not uncommon and affects many children, especially if their parents suffer from it.



Eczema causes the skin to show up in red patches, it also makes the skin very dry and causes it to itch. The condition often gets worse when your baby is exposed to certain allergens, such as clothing, and certain chemicals. Sweat can also make th condition worse, with heat being a major catalyst in this reaction.



As the red patches become redder the child is forced to scratch them. Scratching the infected patches can make the condition much worse, scratching will not only make the condition worse, but it will possibly cause bleeding and infection.



Some things can be used to relieve the itching without resorting to scratching, applying creams often help to replace moisture for example. Some parents even resort to putting their babyís hands in socks so they canít scratch! Just make sure theyíre clean socks!!


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