Childhood eczema

Eczema is a skin disease that commonly affects young children, especially babies. Most babies grow out of eczema before their fifth birthday, and so it is rarely a long standing condition that you have to worry about.



There are various degrees of severity of eczema that can affect your child. In very mild cases it can be difficult for you to realize that your child even has eczema until he has a flare up. Eczema is more noticeable in the skin creases which are behind of the knees and also in front of the elbows.



Eczema is very common in small children and can affect any part of the body, even though the skin creases are the most common it can be pretty much anywhere. These patches of eczema can cause your child minor to major discomfort, this discomfort is especially noticeable at night time. In severe cases you will see patches of redness which can grow quite large in size. The patches may be flat to the surface or slightly raised and rough. These patches may become infected and might weep in certain circumstances.



Your child may find that these patches are very irritable, and you might find it difficult to stop your child from scratching. This is more often a problem during the night or if your child gets too hot and sweaty. The patches can get worse or even disappear by themselves without warning. They can change overnight, or in the space of a few hours. This is a normal part of eczema, and nothing to be worried about.



Certain things may make your child’s eczema worse, after some time it should be possible to work out exactly what your child is allergic to. Pay attention to when your baby’s eczema gets worse, try to find out what it is that makes your baby’s skin worse.



You may well find that the seasons and time of the year may change how serious your child’s eczema is. You may also find out that your child is allergic to something in particular, normally this is clothing. Try to find these triggers and eliminate them.



Keep a close watch on your child and work out what makes eczema much worse. You should be able to eliminate these triggers, and so make your child’s skin much better. There are of course many options that you can use to help your child clear up his eczema.


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