Dealing with infant eczema on hands

Eczema is not a worrying condition, and some form is quite normal in babies. Cradle cap affects many babies, and normally clears up by itself. Eczema can affect any part of the infantís body. If a childís parents suffer from eczema then they will be 80% more likely to develop eczema themselves.



If eczema affects your babyís hands then it can be quite distressing, it can cause your baby to scratch their hands, so making the condition worse.



The first step in dealing with infant eczema on hands is to visit your doctor to find out which form of eczema your child is actually suffering from. It is also important to understand that it could be another condition.



Once you understand what is causing the eczema, you should be able to find ways to treat the condition. Your doctor may prescribe you with some creams, lotions, and ointments that can be a great help.



If you want to relieve the symptoms of the babyís eczema then you should try one of these remedies:



1.    Soak the baby in a bath as normal and wash gently


2.    Gently dry the baby by patting


3.    Apply moisturizer



When drying the baby, make sure you dry the baby by patting the baby with the towel.



Another method is using salt water. Sea salt, especially Dead Sea salt is well known to treat eczema. If your baby is suffering from generalized patches of eczema then you can try soaking strips of material in the salt water solution and then wrap these on the babyís skin.



Make sure you use cotton material so that itís gentle against your babyís skin. Diapers work well for this also. Also make sure you use warm water, but not too hot!



Eczema on your babyís hands can be a painful condition, but it is something that can easily be treated. If you havenít already then you should defiantly go and seek your doctors opinion.



Bear in mind that this is just a guide, these methods have been seen to work in many patients, however as everyone is different you may not experience the desired results. If you experience any discomfort when using the methods mentioned in this article, immediately stop using them and seek medical assistance.


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