Infant eczema on legs

Eczema is an irritating dry skin condition that commonly affects young children and babies. It can be difficult to deal with infant eczema, especially as it is difficult to reason with children.



Infant eczema is quite distressing for childrenís parents because itís something that is unexpected. When we think about babies the thought of eczema rarely crosses our mind. We consider every baby as beautiful, now even though a baby suffering from eczema is still beautiful itís not something we consider.



Legs are often parts of the body that are quite easily affected by eczema in infants, this is because they either wear nappies which can cause nappy rash, or because they wear trousers.



Eczema is something that can be treated by the skin, therefore if we all walked around naked our eczema would be a very little problem, however nobody walks around naked anymoreÖ well a few people do, but they will be arrested for indecent exposure!



It can be quite easy to treat infant eczema on legs, you simply need to use moisturizing creams when the baby gets out of the bath, and you can also treat the condition with sea salt.



You should not bathe the baby as often as you currently do, ideally you should only give the baby a bath a maximum of every two days. If the baby is starting to crawl then it will get quite grubby, but even so every two days is acceptable! Younger babies that havenít yet started crawling donít need bathing that often.



As soon as the baby gets out of the bath you should make sure you pat the skin dry, pay special attention to the legs. Donít rub the legs as this would lead to further irritation. After a warm bath the pores are open, this is at the best chance for the skin to absorb moisture. Within a few minutes the pores will close, so you should do it as quickly as possible! Plus with a small baby you donít have a very big surface area to cover!



Another method is treating the baby with salt water solution, use sea salt, preferably dead sea salt. You can either sit the baby in a gentle solution of salt water, or you can soak strips of fabric in the solution and then wrap them on the affected areas of the baby. Personally I think that when the legs are affected itís easiest to sit the baby in the bath of salt water, however this is completely down to personal preference.



A great solution is adding baby oil to your bath, as this will make your babyís skin as soft as a babyís bottom!


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