Infant eczema on the belly

Infant eczema can affect anywhere on the body, which can be very worrying for many parents. This is simply because they donít understand it. Few people realize how often eczema affects children, in fact it affects around 40% of the children in the united states. Few people think about their baby being affected by such a disease because itís generally not the sort of thing that you think about.

Infant eczema normally affects the areas behind the knees, and in the creases of the elbows. However it can occur anywhere. If your baby is suffering from infant eczema on the belly then itís important to consider some things.

It could well be that your child is allergic to the detergent or fabric softener that you are using being as their belly is affected. If you have noticed a sudden onset of eczema think about what you have changed, if it coincides with a change in detergent then perhaps this is the reason.

Children can also be allergic to clothing, so you could try dressing the baby in all natural clothing, and no Iím not talking about hemp clothing, actually you should use cotton clothing.

If your baby is experiencing a lot of discomfort from eczema then it is defiantly necessary to visit your doctor for some advice. Your doctor may well be able to prescribe something that will help your babyís condition.

You can try a number of different home remedies when your baby is suffering from eczema. You should make sure that the temperature in your home is set lower, and if the baby starts to get cold rather than turning the heat up, you should put more clothing on your baby. This is because heat and sweat can aggravate the condition.

You should also refrain from bathing your baby so often, bathing your baby makes it lose moisture from its skin. This is especially true if the bath is too hot. After your baby has gotten out of the bath, you should gently dry the skin and apply moisturizing lotions to ensure that the baby has enough moisture locked in.

Moisture is a key part of combating eczema, and it Is possible. Although it is impossible to cure eczema, it is possible to treat it successfully and so prevent your baby experiencing too much discomfort.

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