Infant eczema on the face

When we are thinking about our baby before it is born we all think about a beautiful bouncing baby boy (or girl) that is perfect in every way. Few people will consider eczema being a problem, it just doesnít cross their minds. This isnít saying that anything is bad about eczema, itís just because we donít think about it.

So when we find out that our beautiful baby has eczema it can be very difficult and upsetting for many parents, simply because they donít understand exactly what to do.

Eczema doesnít really fit in with the idea of a beautiful and perfect baby, however it doesnít have to be that way. Infant eczema is often very easy to treat, it is a little more difficult when the eczema appears on the face, however it is possible.

You should make sure you keep the room humid the best way to do this is by turning the heat down in the rooms. If the baby does start to get cold then just add clothing, donít turn the heating back up.

Salt baths are useful to treat eczema on parts of the body, however it would be very cruel to use this method for the babyís face! It is possible to soak fabric or tissue in a salt water solution, and use this to anoint the affected areas on the face. However when doing this you must be very careful not to get any salt water in the babyís eyes, as you wonít hear the end of it for a very long time in deed!

Another way is using moisturizing creams, but again you must be gentle. Personally my favorite product is Vaseline, and this is because itís very greasy and itís quite hard. This is very easy to apply to your babyís face.

Normally the areas affected on a babyís face are the eyebrows, and so you must be very careful as these are close to the eyes (obviously), by using something like Vaseline you can ensure that it wonít drip into the eyes because it is a solid substance.

When treating your babyís eczema you should be very patient, you should also be prepared to ask for help should you need it. In fact going to your doctor is a great place to start, so why not try that first? Your doctor should be able to help prescribe something for you, and also give you hints on how you can apply it without upsetting your baby!

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