Eczema cure

Although eczema is not a serious life threatening condition it can affect many peoples lives and even knock their confidence. Unfortunately there are currently no known cures for eczema, there are only treatments available that can effectively manage the condition and reduce some of the symptoms.

Ultraviolet B light treatment is one treatment which is available to eczema sufferers. UVB light is very well known and a fairly low risk phototherapy treatment. When the conventional remedies for eczema treatment have been exhausted to no avail UVB light may be considered.

UVB treatments for eczema are typically done in around three to five sessions per week. The exposure to UVB light is increased as the treatment goes on, the effects should become noticeable in around three months.

There are some risks associated with exposure to UVB light. Ultraviolet light is what makes sun light dangerous, and so UVB treatments make it more likely for you to get sunburn, and possibly developing skin cancer.

When having UVB treatment for your eczema it is extremely important that you wear protective goggles that will protect your eyes, and prevent them developing cataracts. The doctor responsible for your treatment should be able to provide you with the necessary protective equipment. As this is similar to the suns rays UVB treatment can also cause premature aging of the skin.

Sunlight is made up of mostly UV light, this is what is dangerous. So just why is this helpful for eczema sufferers? Well UV light attacks the T cells within the skin, this can reduce the redness of the eczema. UVB light also Ďburnsí off many of the scales caused by the condition. This is why patients with eczema can actually benefit from sunlight exposure.

Too much sunlight exposure is not advisable for anybody, even eczema sufferers. Prolonged sun exposure can cause much more serious skin damage, and can lead to skin cancer. UVB treatment is done under controlled conditions, making the exposure much less risky, however a risk does still exist.

Sun light is composed of two types of Ultraviolet light, I know you were wondering what the B was for! UVA and UVB are two different types of ultraviolet light. Both UVA and UVB are used to treat eczema.

The treatment can take place in one of two ways, a light box can be used to treat specific areas, or a sun bed style device can be used to treat the whole body. The light box can be used in most doctorsí surgeries, however itís not uncommon to be able to take one home.

If the condition affects the whole body then it is easier for the patient to stand in something that resembles a sun bed (although itís upright), this has to be done in a hospital. The correct dosage of light can be given ensuring the treatment is as safe as possible.

Phototherapy can be used to treat a number or different forms of eczema, UV light will reduce the symptoms of eczema in most patients. For some reason UV light does not have the desired effects for everybody.

Phototherapy can be used in combination with a drug, typically Psoralen which can be taken orally or applied directly to the skin. By using both of these treatments it often makes sure that the treatment is cleared up the best possible. Psoralen does have some pretty nasty side effects, however they can normally be reduced by consuming the drug at meal times, or it can be applied to the skin.

Ultraviolet light is naturally occurring, however increased exposure is just as dangerous as increased exposure to sunlight. It can cause quite serious sunburn which can make the condition so much worse.

People should avoid sunlight exposure as much as possible when being treated with UV treatments.

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