Eczema help for infants

Eczema in babies is occasionally triggered by a condition known as lupus, this is an auto-immune disorder that can affect any organ in the body. Eczema in babies normally responds very well to all of the home remedies available. Lupus is occasionally passed down from mother to baby during the pregnancy.

Lupus antibodies can easily pass between the mother and baby, so causing the lupus infection in the newborn baby. Infant lupus causes a rash, it normally clears up after a few months as long as there arenít any complications. Lupus is an auto-immune disorder which means the body turns on itself. Lupus can take two major forms, one attacks organs of the body, and the other triggers eczema.

Eczema normally occurs in infants on the forehead, cheeks, arms, legs, scalp and neck. It can occur anywhere however. Eczema occurs in older children normally on the face, neck, elbows, knees and ankles, basically anywhere the skin creases.

Most of the infants that have eczema improve by the time they are two, and almost half of the babies that suffer from eczema grow out of it before they reach adulthood.

The major concern with an infant suffering from eczema is itching. It the child starts scratching their affected areas then it can lead to numerous complications. Scratching can lead to the condition getting much worse than it normally would have been. Clothing can also create the same sort of situations, and so you can buy special cotton clothing, this can be used to cover up the hands, this prevents people scratching and so stops the condition getting worse.

An infant suffering from eczema should only wear soft clothing, preferably clothing that is made of pure cotton. You should not put the baby in anything that contains synthetic fibers, no matter how small the percentage! You should also make sure that the childís room is free of any dust mites as these can be a common trigger for eczema.

Baby eczema is quite often triggered by numerous food allergies, and some parents fail to realize that this is the case. Around 40% of the babies that have eczema also suffer from some form of food allergy. The biggest culprit is often dairy produce such as milk and eggs. If the baby is still breastfeeding then it can also get food allergies as a result of something the mother has eaten.

You should be careful when choosing which baby lotions to use on children that suffer from eczema. Some of these lotions contain much more water than others, and some can dry and irritate the skin. Some contain alcohol and fragrances, all of which can cause problems.

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