Eczema relief

Eczema is a skin condition that affects a large proportion of the worldís population, this skin condition results in scaly itchy patches being developed on the skin. Many people are desperate for a cure, and when they discover there isnít one they are forced to settle for eczema relief.



The most popular eczema relief methods include creams, and the favourite creams include the topical medications that many doctors and dermatologists will prescribe to combat eczema.



Eczema ointments all have a petroleum base to which the active ingredients are added, however creams, lotions, and gels will still be absorbed by the skin, plus they donít get onto things as often.



Iím not completely rubbishing ointments, sometimes ointments are the best, this is simply because certain active ingredients work much better when there is a petroleum base rather than an oil base.



Creams are water and oil based, these two are combined in a 50/50 ratio. The medication contained in the base is able to penetrate the protective layer of the skin much better. Most eczema sufferers find creams to be very soothing and they like the moisturizing properties that many creams have. The moisturizing properties of creams are very helpful to anyone suffering from eczema.



There are further ways to treat eczema, you can add numerous types of additive to your bath, such as baby oil. You can also paint some types of medication on for example calamine lotion, there are also wet dressings and numerous lotions.



Some sufferers find that tar baths are very helpful in the treatment of eczema, this is where a liquid containing tar is added to warm bath water. There are endless things that you can add to your bath, itís worthwhile talking to another sufferer to see what they suggest.



Ointments are normally petroleum based, they still contain water however in much smaller quantity, normally 80/20 ratio 80 being oil, and 20 being water. This ratio works very well at protecting the skin from loss of moisture. This is where ointments are better than their cream or lotion counterparts, liquids and creams are unable to change the characteristics of the skin. This is why ointments are so commonly prescribed by doctors and dermatologists.



Every medication will work better in a different type of solution, some corticosteroids work much better in a cream or a lotion, but would not work very well in an ointment, this is caused by the different way it is delivered to the skin. Some medications must be absorbed by the skin very quickly, and so cream or lotion forms are desirable, while other medications work better when they are slowly released into the skin, which ointments do very well. Ointments are normally prescribed to patients that are suffering from dry patches of eczema, this is because they help to lock the water in.



Pastes are a different form of treatment again! They contain oil, powder and water, you may of heard them referred to as suspension. Many creams are too oily and so result in drying of the skin, some pastes get around this problem. One of the most popular paste creams is a suspension that is made up of calcium hydroxide, oil and powdered zinc oxide. These pastes are well suited to soothing dry patches of skin. Pastes should never be applied to any skin creases and folds around the knees for example. Placing this where the skin folds will result in a build-up of the medication forming in the creases and making the condition worse.


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