Eczema remedy

Eczema affects many people all around the world, and so many of these people are searching for an eczema remedy. People all lead busy lives, and itís a great benefit to know that eczema sufferers can treat their condition at home.

One excellent home remedy that can be used to treat eczema is ice therapy. Ice isnít just cold, oh no, it has many benefits! Ice obviously cools your skin down when applied, and this cooling seems to be a great benefit. Applying ice onto an inflammation will help to control it, why else would so many people get out the bag of pees when they hurt themselves?

Eczema causes rashes to appear on the skin, normally these rashes are confined to the hands, back and in the skin creases. The rashes can be very irritating because they can become extremely itchy. This causes many sufferers to scratch the rash, however the more you scratch it, the worse you make it. Scratching can also lead to complications, this can cause your skin to bleed, and even cause an infection.

Ice therapy numbs the skin of the affected areas, this helps you relax without worrying about the pain in the affected areas. This numbness occurs because the cold ice causes the tiny veins in your skin contract, which reduces the amount of blood flowing through that affected area. As soon as you take the ice off, the blood vessels dilate and blood rushes back into the area. The idea is that this sudden rush of blood contains nutrients that can be used to help the skin heal.

You donít have to get into a bath full of ice cubes or anything, all you need to do is put a few small pieces of ice into an ice pack or a small plastic bag and wrap it up in a towel. The ice should be placed on the skin through a towel, just above the affected area, then more the ice in small circles, at first the itching sensation may get worse, however if you persevere you will find out that your itch should disappear. If eczema affects more than just one small patch of your body then you can treat them all for a few minuets each.

Ice therapy for eczema is a great home remedy because itís very effective and itís not expensive! There are some important precautions to consider before using this treatment

So there you go, pretty cool stuff Iím sure youíll agree! Sorry I couldnít resist, well until next time have an n-ice time, ok ok I know!

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