Eczema symptoms

What causes eczema still remains unknown, however there are many people that would like to know. Many people think they know what can cause eczema, however there is a lot of debate about it at the moment.

Some scientists believe the eczema can be an inherited condition, while others argue that certain factors can influence eczema. Although we donít know what the causes are, we do know what the symptoms are, eczema can cause red, itchy and dry skin. If you are suffering from eczema you may notice blisters on the surface of the skin which can become crusty.

There are many different types of eczema, the most common one is atopic eczema. Although there are many different types, they are all pretty similar. Atopic eczema is also characterised by extreme itching. This itching is often much more severe than other forms of eczema which can tempt the sufferer to start scratching.

By scratching the itch this can cause complications to the condition, it can actually make the symptoms get worse, and can also leave your skin unprotected against an attack by bacteria.

Eczema makes your skin much more sensitive to almost everything, this can cause you to become irritated by the use of certain detergents, soap and of course your cosmetics. In children eczema can manifest itself as cradle cap, although this doesnít seem to cause much discomfort to the baby.

Eczema causes any sufferer to itch, this is one of the most common conditions. If you notice a rash on your skin but it never itches then it is very unlikely that it is eczema. This is of course without treatment, it is normal for the itching to subside when a suitable treatment regime has been adopted. Eczema always has some form of rash, if there is no rash but an itch then it could well be that another condition is the problem.

Another common symptom of eczema is redness of the skin, this is caused by an increased blood flow to the affected areas. The skin becomes inflamed as a result of eczema, and the cause of this is still unknown, eczema can flare up like this when exposed to certain bacterium.

Blisters are another common symptoms of eczema, if your eczema is active then the blisters that are noticed are quite small. Some cases of eczema have larger blisters that are caused by a skin infection, or simply due to the type of eczema that you are suffering from. Some types of eczema have fluid filled blisters.

Now you know what to expect from eczema perhaps you will be able to know what you are suffering from. It is important to remember that you must go to see your doctor, only he will be able to say for certain exactly which condition is causing the problem.

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