How to treat eczema

Nobody knows what exactly causes eczema, but it is thought to be a genetic condition. People seem to be born with some form of gene that can make us more prone to developing the condition. There is currently no known cure for eczema, however it is possible to treat the symptoms of eczema and provide relief. Letís see what can help us to relieve the symptoms of eczema.

When we treat eczema, what exactly do we want to do, well one of the biggest objectives is to try and find which triggers cause a flare up and prevent them causing a flare up. If you do manage to stop the flare up then thatís the battle over, however if you fail to stop it then you may have to treat it with quick reliefs focusing primarily on stopping the itching.

If you can control the itching, then youíve won half of the battle. Scratching makes the condition much worse and can complicate the condition. By stopping the itching it prevents it causing much of a problem.

There are other symptoms with eczema, such as redness of the skin, blisters and the rash. These can be resolved using creams and also preventing scratching.

There are a number of different options to consider when treating eczema, the most important part of this treatment is to keep your skin well moisturized. You should make sure that you use a moisturizer that is free of perfume and alcohol since these could cause more problems than good.

You should ideally moisturize soon after taking a bath, preferably within three minutes of taking a bath. Avoid wearing any clothing that rubs, you should use lose pure cotton clothing rather than tight synthetic clothes.

Now lets take a look at the medications that are available to treat eczema. Steroids are considered the first choice as these have great success rates. Steroids must be used carefully because these are actually a drug.

If you do experience any complicated medical problems then it is vital that you go to visit your doctor. You cannot find the advice you need on the internet due to every condition being unique. Make sure you book an appointment right away. You should certainly never use any medication that was prescribed for anyone else, no matter how similar your conditions were. Make sure you get your own prescription. So the best piece of advice once again, book a doctors appointment!

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