Infants dry skin eczema

For some reason more and more babies’ are experiencing problems with eczema, they often suffer from extremely dry skin. When I was a first time mother I found it difficult to cope with my baby’s really dry skin, however the second try was much easier!

Ever since my first baby was born he was getting dry and rough patches on his skin. Most babies get drier skin in the winter because this season dries out the skin. There are some tips for infant’s dry skin eczema, and these will help your baby’s skin to stay as soft as… Well… A baby’s bottom!

If your baby’s skin is very dry then you should stop bathing the baby so much. Baths surprisingly dry out your baby’s skin rather than moisturize it.  However if your baby has started crawling then you need to bathe him every other day, don’t bathe every day however.

You should apply lotion onto your baby’s skin within a few minutes of the baby getting out of the bath. Your baby’s pores will open up when he is in the warm water, and so putting on moisture now will help the skin to absorb much more moisture. When I did this his skin seemed to stay moist all year around.

Make sure you use a lotion that is designed for use by babies, and also on sensitive skin. Choose a lotion that is fragrance free, and hypoallergenic. These creams should contain gentle ingredients and gently soothe and moisturize the baby’s skin without irritating the baby’s skin.

Make sure you use lots of lotion, don’t skimp here! It will take a minute to rub it all in, and it may resemble an oil slick, however it’s defiantly worth it! If you do a really good job rubbing the lotion in then your baby’s soft skin will last all day.

You should change the temperature of the room, as hotter rooms have drier air, if your baby does seem cold then put more clothes on rather than turning up the heat. Plus this is environmentally friendly!

Soap dries the skin out, so stop using it right away! Don’t use bubble bath either, only use soap on the diaper area, and make sure that its gentle baby soap.

The best way to moisturize your baby’s skin is from inside, make sure he drinks more fluids. The majority of the moisture comes from within the body.

If a body is suffering from persistent dry patches use some 1% hydrocortisone cream on that area. If it still persists make sure you seek advice from your doctor.

If your baby’s skin is very dry then it is very important to go and visit your doctor. Make sure you always prevent your baby’s skin getting dry in the fist place.

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