What causes eczema

Eczema isnít a very nice condition, although it isnít life threatening it doesnít look very nice and can provide people with a lot of emotional discomfort. I was teased continuously at school due to my eczema, however I made it through eventually!

So what causes eczema? Well itís not certain. Eczema has been a problem pretty much forever, and has affected some pretty famous people throughout history, however doctors are still unaware of what exactly causes the condition itself. Experts do know that people that suffer from eczema have different skin types to those who are normal.

People that have normal skin normally donít suffer from any problems because the skin is able to do everything by itself, normal skin is not only flexible, but itís also water resistant. It is a protective layer between your body and the outside.

If a person suffers from eczema they will lack these natural features of their skin, their skin will normally crack and dry out. This causes the protective layer to become damaged and also makes the skin lose water that is necessary for the proper maintenance and repair of the skin. This can cause irritation which can lead to a full blown eczema flare-up.

Some people think that there is a hereditary link with eczema, and have noticed that eczema tends to run in families. If a childís parents have had eczema then they have an 80% greater chance of developing eczema themselves when they are a baby. People that do not have eczema in the families have about a 40% chance of developing eczema.

People have also suggested a link between many other conditions such as hay fever and asthma. In fact many people do have all three of these conditions together.

There are certain things that can cause or trigger an eczema flare up, normally these are allergic triggers. The persons immune system normally overreacts to a certain stimuli, so resulting in a flare up.

There are many different triggers that can affect eczema, however we will discuss some of the common ones below.

Certain chemicals can cause irritation and lead to causing an eczema flare up, these include things like alcohol, perfumes, detergents, and even strongly scented soaps.

Clothing and other physical irritants can cause itching, which encourages scratching. This in turn can make the skin damaged and result in eczema.

People are often allergic to things like dust, animal hair, dust mites and certain food groups such as dairy produce. Steering clear of these things could well help your condition to clear up.

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