Recommended Eczema Goods

I have been riddled with eczema from a young age right through to my adulthood, and throughout that time I have tried many different products to help my skin condition. Some of the products are only available via prescription, but it is well worth a simple trip to your local doctor!

Here is a list of my favourite products.

 Mosituriser - Diprobase - This stuff is brilliant. It is really thick and will keep your skin moist for longer than any other moisuriser.

 Steroid - Betnovate - When you eczema becomes really bad, the doctor may prescribe you with a mild steroid cream. Betnovate works wonders and has really helped clear my skin.

 Soap - "Simple Soap" - You wash every day, so why not wash without irritating your skin. Simple Soap or any un-fragranced soap will not irritate your skin.

 Washing Powder - "NON-Biological" - any washing powder with those words on it will not irritate your skin!

 Deodorant - "Sensitive" - as long as the product has "Sensitive" written on it, then it shouldn't worsen your eczema.

 Dairy - Soya or goat's milk - I personally continue with regular milk, however Soya or goats milk is recommended by doctor's.

Most products are by trial and error. None will completely stop your condition but they won't worsen it. It may take some time before you have things right, but the effort is well worth it.

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