Eczema dermatitis

Although eczema isnít a serious condition, it is a very annoying and painful ailment that can affect anybody no matter their age. Some research has suggested that eczema affects around one fifth of the children in the world, and one twelfth of the total population.

Eczema is very different from other things because many people that are suffering from eczema donít realise that they are actually suffering from this condition. Some of these donít realise they have the condition because they havenít yet experienced an eczema outbreak, and those that have may just assume that it is simply a patch of dry skin and it will cure by itself.

Eczema can range from a severe condition to a mild condition, the symptoms vary depending upon the severity of the condition. The mild condition can manifest itself as dryness of the skin, whereas more severe forms include redness and inflammation. Scratching can cause bleeding and cracking of the skin.

In total there are seven different types of eczema, in this article we will focus on Irritant contact dermatitis. Irritant contact dermatitis is one type of contact dermatitis that is caused when materials come into contact with the skin.

Irritant contact dermatitis is caused by substances that come into contact with the skin and cause irritation. This irritation can lead to an auto-immune response which ultimately results in eczema. There are many different culprits that can cause this irritation, the most common are fabric softeners and detergents. Irritant dermatitis is normally found on the hands and face of affected people, this is probably because of the number of chemicals that come into contact with the skin on out faces and hands every day. Think about soaps and hand creams, a lot of these contain manmade synthetic chemicals that can be very damaging to the skin.

Most people can handle these harsh chemicals ok, however not everybodyís skin is able to cope with them and so they develop the signs of eczema.

On paper, the easiest way to get rid of irritant contact dermatitis is to avoid whichever chemicals cause you to develop eczema. It can be difficult to discover exactly which products are causing your dermatitis, however with a little detective work it is possible.

Try substituting these problem products with gentler perfume free products. For example stop using soap and opt for a scent free gentle soap which is formulated for sensitive skin. If you find it possible to narrow down exactly what is causing your eczema then you stand a much better chance of resolving your eczema.

If you believe that you may have eczema then you should talk to your doctor, he will be able to assess whether what you are suffering from is in fact eczema or something else. Eczema itself is not dangerous, however many other conditions can look like eczema and are dangerous.

Good luck with curing your eczema dermatitis.

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