Causes of eczema

Although eczema isnít a life threatening condition, it doesnít look very nice, plus it is a very annoying condition for those who suffer from it. Eczema affects people from all over the world, and can affect both males and females. It isnít really a dangerous illness, but it is quite annoying, it is often very difficult to treat eczema, however it is possible. One of the most effective ways of treating eczema is to treat the dry skin symptoms.

So what causes eczema? Well doctors still arenít completely sure what actually causes the condition, but people do know that people have different skin to those who have normal skin. So although the causes of eczema are still unknown it is partly understood.

Normal skin is capable of taking care of itself without any intervention, itís flexible and also water resistant. It is very useful and prevents any bacteria, or foreign bodies entering our bodies.

People with eczema normally have skin that cracks or is dry, this causes problems because this protective layer is broken. This can lead to the skin being irritated which is one of the main symptoms of eczema.

Doctors have revealed a link between eczema and family histories. It can be seen that there is a tendency for eczema to run through families, if a childís parents have eczema even if they have recovered from it the child will have around an 80% chance of developing some form of eczema.

Eczema has been linked to many other allergic diseases including hay fever, and asthma. If your family has these diseases then your child is more likely to develop eczema.

It has been noticed that there are certain environmental factors that make eczema more worse in sufferers. These flare ups make the skin much more painful. These flare-ups occur when the immune system reacts violently to some allergen.

People that suffer from eczema all have different conditions, and so have different triggers.

Many different factors can influence your eczema, itís important to go and ask your doctor so that you can get the correct diagnosis.

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