Eczema dry skin

If your dry skin is itchy and flaky then you could well be suffering from one of a number of different skin disorders, normally this will either be psoriasis or eczema. You may not actually be suffering from an actual skin disorder, you may actually be suffering from dry skin that is just in need of hydration.

While many skin conditions can cause dry skin, it can occur in its own right without any underlying condition. The skin easily loses water, this is especially easy in cold and windy weather, also itís very common after prolonged exposure to sunlight without using any sunscreen.

The condition can quickly become quite painful when clothes run against it and if the patient starts scratching.

Dry skin can be very irritating, and a very uncomfortable condition, itís also very unattractive. This is one of the biggest concerns eczema sufferers have, this is especially true when the eczema dry skin affects the face and anywhere that is normally seen. Your doctor should be able to easily treat your dermatitis, but it is an uncomfortable condition to live with until it is properly treated.

To prevent your dry skin condition getting any worse it is important to stop washing the skin with harsh soap and hot water, you must use lukewarm water and a mild, gentle soap. By using very hot water you are removing much more of the skins moisture than you are putting back in.

After washing you should pat your skin dry, while the skin is a little damp apply a good quality moisturizing lotion liberally to the affected areas. Many of these lotions are available over the counter, although if your condition is more serious then your doctor will be able to prescribe something that will be very effective.

If you think that your skin condition may actually be psoriasis or eczema then it is very important that you go to visit your doctor. These conditions are very difficult to treat, if you get the treatment wrong it could actually make your condition worse. For an everyday remedy, regular use of a moisturizing lotion should reduce any of the symptoms in a couple of days.

If you are suffering from a scaly, and itchy scalp you should invest in a high quality moisturizing shampoo, and make sure you rinse it out well with warm water. After applying this moisturizing shampoo make sure you apply a good quality moisturizing conditioner. If your flakey skin conditions continue to persist then you need to seek advice from your doctor.

Remember it is possible that the skin conditions are caused by nothing other than normal factors, but it is also possible that there is another underlying condition such as eczema or psoriasis.

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