Peeling infant skin

In the first moments of your babyís life it is covered with a cheese like substance, this is known as vernix. This is washed off by the hospital staff soon after birth and as a result the skin may peel a little. You may also notice some marks, rashes, and other strange markings on your new born babyís skin.

If you do notice a persistent all over rash, make sure you show it to your doctor incase itís something more serious.

Babies arenít like your husband, they donít need to take a bath every day. A bath a couple of times a day is more than suitable. However, make sure you wipe down the babies diaper area every time you change the babyís nappy, you can use a wet washcloth to do this. Make sure you also keep his face and hands clean, especially after eating, you donít need to invest in any commercial wipes, but they might be easier for when you go out.

You donít really need to use any moisturizer daily on your baby, this is unless the skin seems to get really dry. If you do find a dry patch, use some lotion instead of oil because it lubricates the skin much better. Never use adult skin products on your baby as these usually contain alcohol, and other chemicals that can make your babyís skin worse.

All babies will suffer from diaper rash at one time or another, this is normal. The usual cause of this is just leaving the diaper on for too long, the chemicals in the urine or stool will irritate the skin if the diaper is left on for too long. If this is left untreated for too long then this will become an infection.

Modern disposable diapers keep the damp liquids away fro the skin, however they can still cause the babyís skin to get irritated because the parents often leave them on for far too long.

If you are environmentally friendly and use cloth diapers, then make sure that your baby is not allergic to the detergent that you use to wash the diapers with. It is possible that a baby is allergic to the disposable nappies and so this would result in a rash which is similar to regular diaper rash.

If your baby suffers from diaper rash then make sure you try the following:

  1. Clean the area with clean water and use a soft cloth, rub gently.
  2. Wind the baby without a diaper
  3.  Put an ointment or lotion on which is designed to treat nappy rash
  4. Change the diaper more often.

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