Varicose eczema

Varicose eczema is the type of eczema that we are interested in here. This is associated with varicose veins and other circularity problems. This is normally more apparent in older people due to the circularity problems, however in certain conditions it can affect anybody of any age.

Areas affected by varicose eczema become darker in color, they will also become itchy and the skin will become red and sore. The best solution for varicose eczema is hydrating cream, this will make sure the skin has the necessary moisture.

Unfortunately there are no known cures for eczema, not even fore varicose eczema. Eczema is a strange disorder, and a complicated one to understand. You must visit the doctor on a regular basis to make sure that you are getting the most up to date treatment available.

The most common form of this disease is Atopic eczema, this is eczema that is triggered by certain allergens. Children that scratch their skin when they sleep as a reflex action can cause damage to their skin, and so wearing mittens or socks can help prevent this. Any scratching can damage the skin and lead to scarring, and infections.

Treatments can include oils and lotions both of which will sooth, and hydrate the skin and take away the inflammation and redness.

People that suffer from eczema are unable to cure themselves and rid themselves of the disease completely, however the use of certain herbs and oils are supposed to be much more useful than many of the other conventional medicines.

There are a number of anti-inflammatory oils like emu oil, which is very useful to ease the itching and heal the cracks in the skin. Emu oil is what is known as bacteriostatic, this means it doesn’t encourage the growth of bacteria, nor does it irritate the skin or block the pores of the skin. All in all, emu oil is a very valuable oil for the treatment of eczema!

Depending on what type of eczema you suffer from, the treatment will differ. Just because one treatment works for one form of eczema, it doesn’t mean to say that it will work on others. In fact even if two people have the same type of eczema it is unlikely that the same solution will work for both of them, it seems that eczema is a unique condition.

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